Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I think if I can blog from my phone I will keep it up!!
It's Wednesday, only 2 days left in our school week before Thanksgiving's unbelievable how quickly this school year if flying by! 1 month from today my baby will turn 8 and in a few shorts months my other baby will turn 4! How I wish I could slow down time! Oh mercy, With her bday being that close it also mean Christmas is just around the corner!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Ok, all convinced me to try to keep this thing going!
Our Kennedy is for hire as a professional Flower Girl! Not really but she is quite good at it now as she has been honored to serve several times now! What fun it is!

Here is our girl with her handsome escort & our Beautiful Queen Miss Morgan Kostka!

Our girls with our sweet friends Chelsea & Kendall! Homecoming this year was very special since soo many of the girls in it were close friends and family.

Sweet Little Black Diamonds at the Pep Assembly!

Here I am with my good buddies Chele & Billie! I love these two girls! It's great to be a Black Diamond especially at Homecoming!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Dropout!

Since I am barely home long enough to sleep these days and because I feel like I am 2 years behind on posts, I am officially a blog drop out! I would love to be good at this but I'm just really not! I may get back in the swing of it with non pictorial posts but as of now I'm a school teaching, driver of dancers/gymnasts 3 days a week, trying to keep up with my kids, their homework, my laundry & get a little sleep here and there too busy to blog kinda momma!! I love you all and all of your blogs...Keep up the posts because I do enjoy reading them on my iphone while sitting at gymnastics and dance every week!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ok, I'm new at this bloging and I'm trying to learn more. I cannot seem to figure out why my personal info "boxes" get pushed down below my blog posts. I need help! I have look in the "help" section but it doesn't help me much. My stuff moves around everytime I do a post even though I'm not changing any of that information.
Please help!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Fun

We had a very busy fun filled week! We got to play with all kinds of friends and family! We started our weekend with the Stites crew at Jiji & Poppa Don's on Saturday, which I am sad, I missed because I was on a big girls shopping trip. Then Sunday we were visited by Chele, Matthew & The Miskel girls. We got the exciting news that they are going to get a baby sister or brother in October! Then cousins Kately, Ryan & Beth came that evening. We spent Monday with Ty, Kelly, Libby & Grady...oh what a crazy day that was...they are soo much fun! It was a beautiful day, daddy and Ty caught a bunch of fish and we played outside all day.
Then on Tuesday we headed to Tulsa (Syd kept calling it Onka-Honka-City, she thinks any town we stay in a hotel is Oklahoma City) where we spent the day swimming at Louies Lagoon with cousins Zoe & Harrison. It was soo fun but I think everyone else in Oklahoma had the same idea because it was packed!

We brought Grant & Evan back to Sallisaw on Wednesday and Quinn came to visit that evening! I'm telling you it was a montage of visitors! But...we loved every minute of it!! Friday we spent all day pond fishing at the farm! It was a beautiful 70 degree day!

Then Friday night was a bit of a bummer...Syd fell on the tile again and we made a trip to the ER to "glue" her chin up!

Then....the weather changed...and the snow started falling! It doesn't seem much like the first day of Spring with 9 inches and counting of snow!
Here's to to "Spring"!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What a Difference 3 Years Makes!

This is Sydney on her birthday February 21st 2007, here she is February 21st 2010...on her 3rd Birthday!

Wow, how times flies! She is soo much fun, like Kennedy but very different! When Kennedy was this age her speech and vocabulary were amazing! Sydney has a great vocabulary but her speech is, well...different. She misuses her pronouns most of the time, which is in my opinion, one of the cutest deficiencies a 3 year old can have. We love how she says, "Hers" instead of "She", "Yours" instead of "Your", calls Kennedy, "Kennety", calls the escalator "alliskater", gymnastics is Jnastics, oh this list could go on and on! She had a Princess Party, she decided on this theme probably about October. It was a great day with many of her family & good friends here to celebrate the big day!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

Valentine Bathing Beauties

What to get for Valentines, Is always the question for me. Well, this year they already had swimsuits out when I went in search of the perfect treats for my sweets...So they got bathing suits, flip flops & Sunglasses! And as you can see they couldn't wait to put them on, even though it was 28 degrees that day! These are my sweet little Valentines all decked out in their new duds. They will be ready when the warm weather hits!